InformMe is a digital health start-up in the area of digital patient communication from Munich

Founders from left to right: Sebastian Dieterle, Prof, Dr, Thomas Henzler, PD Dr. Joshua Gawlitza, Jonas Eicher

We create solutions to the problems
whom we have met ourselves in everyday medical life

InformMe was born out of necessity
Clinics and practices are facing the challenge of increasing patient and examination numbers while patients' need for responsible participation is increasing.

Medicine, which is often still analogous, does not meet both requirements.

‍‍With InformMe, we have the goall set to improve patient communication for all patients thanks to drastic digitization —
inclusive, multilingual and easy.

Regardless of whether you are an individual practice, an association/MVZ or a clinic: The InformMe WebApp is the perfect companion in all situations.

The InformMe team

PD Dr. Joshua Gawlitza

Jonas Eicher

Prof. Dr. Thomas Henzler

Sebastian Dieterle

Laura Kaiser

Mai Trux

Fuzail Gilani

Alihan Sencan