The InformMe WebApp — the fully end-to-end encrypted digital patient companion on your own smartphone

Up to 80% lower costs

Regardless of whether you use your own information forms or those from third parties, the InformMe WebApp saves you drastically.

It doesn't stop with patient education: Every document, from data protection information to a medical history sheet, that you are currently handing out by hand, can be digitized by us and integrated into your workflow.
You can also make updates yourself and insert new forms using our content management system.

The highest safety standard for your patients thanks to Perfect Forward Secrecy

InformMe content management system

InformMe uses the highest encryption standards to enable the fully secure GDPR-compliant transport of data to your practice or clinic system. Thanks to Perfect Forward Secrecy, server location in Germany and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified transfer points, we can guarantee this.

Better workflows, relieving registrants

There is a shortage of skilled workers in medicine as well as in all other industries. Thanks to our simple system, patients have either completed all documents digitally before visiting the practice or do so in a relaxed manner on their own smartphone in the waiting room. Meanwhile, you can keep track of everything in the InformMe digital waiting room.

The result: no more queues for registration, reduced staff requirements for organization, more relaxed patients.

Responsible education — for everyone

Medical documents and forms are often not only far too overcrowded, but also worded in an incomprehensible way. Patients with comprehension difficulties or language barriers are often ignored.

With the InformMe platform, you can give all patients oral information thanks to multilingualism, easy language and picture-book-like explanatory videos.

Why the InformMe WebApp?

Ready for the digital age

  • Webapp on the patient's own mobile phone
  • completely without app installation
  • hygienic alternative to tablets
  • GDPR-compliant, highly encrypted data transmission

Resource-saving in all aspects

  • Reduce ongoing costs
  • Reduce printing costs to 0
  • adapted to your needs
  • flexible cost models thanks to an adaptable feature catalog

Flexible adjustment to your IT infrastructure

  • Quick installation on site during operation
  • digital archiving in RIS/KIS/PVS
  • low maintenance thanks to remote updates