Your own content — the same quality. Bring content directly to the patient's mobile phone with our CMS

The medical program that adapts to you and not the other way around

Easy editing of existing content — With InformMe CMS, you can adapt existing questionnaires or add new ones. In the live view, you can also see what it will look like for patients on their own smartphones afterwards.

Just as in diagnostics and therapy, we do not believe in “one size fits all”.

Every practice, every clinic has its own experience and processesto ensure both the best possible patient care and operational processes. Documents are a crucial part of this — from data protection and study information to practical information forms.

With InformMe, we simplify these processes and enable every customer to transition to the digital world.

Easily restructure content

Each facility has its own individual, familiar structure and optimised processes. With the InformMe CMS, you can easily restructure existing content in order to adapt it to your usual order.

Create new forms in no time

Many digitization systems require additional costs for adding new content. With InformMe CMS, you have your practice in your own hands and can adapt everything in the blink of an eye — from existing content to completely new content.