From anamnesis to clarification - digital, convenient & compliant with data protection regulations with InformMe

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Der vollständig digitale Patientenbegleiter – einfach und am eigenen Smartphone

Fully digital patient education — simply and on your own smartphone

To this day, medicine is characterized by paper - from information to data protection regulations to the transmission of findings.

Say goodbye to paper now and optimize your workflow to save money. More time for patients and staff!

With InformMe, bring your institution into the 21st century step by step and digitize all doctor-patient communication processes. And that on your own smartphone.

Welcome to Medicine 2.0 — Digital patient communication with InformMe

Save time and money

  • Easy and hygienic education on your own smartphone
  • Worry-free installation

We guarantee for

  • the highest level of data protection
  • Legally verified subject content
  • digital archiving thanks to RIS/KIS/PVS connection

Developed by doctors

  • Content in all common foreign languages
  • Inclusion through easy language
  • Inclusion of explanatory videos
  • Your own content in InformMe CMS insert

Improved workflow — directly on site in practice

InformMe registration in practice

Registration in practice

Scan InformMe QR code on your smartphone

Scan a QR code on your own smartphone

InformMe clarification conveniently in the web app

Convenient clarification in the web app

InformMe completed form directly in the waiting room

Completed form directly in the doctor's room

or prepare for the examination from the comfort of your own home

Education from the comfort of your home

Encrypted transfer to our servers

Registration in practice

Ready for testing right away

InformMe content management system

Own content, same quality -
the InformMe content management system

Bring your own content to the patient's cell phone via WebApp. With the InformMe content management system You can easily integrate your own content into the WebApp yourself at no additional cost and make it available to your patients.

Less paper, more overview
The digital InformMe waiting room

  • Digital overview of all patients
  • Customizable status updates (e.g. time)
  • All important information live at a glance
  • Synchronized with local IT system or stand-alone
InformMe digital waiting room
InformMe Inclusion

More inclusion thanks to digitization

  • simple explanatory videos about the investigations
  • Audio versions for visually impaired patients
  • all common foreign languages
  • Easy language, tested by the German Society for Easy Language
InformMe Easy language